Canopy Growth’s Tweed Collective helps build communities

Canopy Growth’s Tweed Collective helps build communities

One of Canopy Growth’s missions is to ensure its operations benefit the areas it serves

Canopy Growth Inc. has been a leader in the cannabis industry ever since its creation back in 2014. It was the first North American cannabis-based businesses to be traded publicly, and the company has developed since then several subsidiary companies that promote brands for specific targets, such as Tweed. Tweed is one of those subsidiaries introducing a new concept to the market; the goal of which is to offer medical cannabis products that affordable to all patients. The development of this brand has led to the creation of Tweed Collective, a grant program that seeks to fund projects and initiatives related to three main impact pillars, and that has an impact on the community.

Non-Profits, Registered Charities, and Business Improvement Areas (BIA) are the type of organizations that can participate in this grant with the goal of funding projects that can impact communities in a positive way. The three areas in which this program will be focused on are Grow Opportunities, Grow Greener and Grow Connections in their communities. The first category will fund any program or project that provides Canadians with skills that can be used to find prosperity. Thinking of the environment the second category, Grow Greener will support initiatives that bring to the communities together to share and create a greener and sustainable future. Lastly, Grow Connections brings communities together, encouraging a sense of belonging that is so important. This category seeks to fund projects that are focused on improving accessibility, as well as the creation of welcoming public spaces.

Canopy Growth is actively looking for this kind of organizations that are eligible to apply for this Tweed Collective grant. Smith Falls is the home city of Canopy Growth, and the company had the opportunity to connect with the residents of the community to build great things. This grant comes as an effort of the company to expand the social responsibility alongside the company’s expansion across the country.

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