Canopy Growth’s Tweed offers inspiration to cannabis consumers

Canopy Growth’s Tweed offers inspiration to cannabis consumers

Tweed is enticing consumers through a new look and enticing messages

Canopy Growth not only seeks to become one of the most important companies in the cannabis industry but also seeks to use the influence of its brands to create a framework of awareness among consumers. The world’s leading diversified cannabis, hemp and cannabis devices company has recently unveiled the next steps for the Tweed brand with the launch of new formats, products, and an updated look and feel. Through a regenerative brand movement, Tweed intends to inspire Canadians to start the year the way they see fit.

Kelly Olsen, VP of Global Flower Business said that since 2014, when Tweed was first introduced, the brand has been recognized as an iconic and momentous symbol of Canadian cannabis legalization. This has essentially been the case as it always seeks to gain the most brand awareness among cannabis consumers in Canada.

Having been in the market for approximately eight years, the brand is now excited to introduce a new look and product line revitalized and revolted with new product formats. “With the launch of ‘Whatever Feels Good,’ we’re committed to maintaining our position as an approachable brand that delights Canadians through our innovative new products to deliver joy in everyday moments,” added Olsen.

Tweed has taken it upon itself all along to give the brand’s floral line a look and feel beyond the ordinary. Now, to up its game, it has decided to introduce strains with higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content and improved cultivation techniques, including air-drying all flowers to produce higher quality buds with higher humidity. The three new flowering strains include Chemdawg, Powdered Donuts and GG#4, in Sativa, indica and hybrid strains, respectively.

With respect to the edibles and beverage categories, Tweed has introduced XPRESS Jelly Bean and the addition of new Tweed Sparkling Water. Tweed’s new flower, beverage, and edible offerings are available for purchase nationwide, so consumers can visit legal recreational cannabis retail stores and e-commerce channels to obtain their respective products.