Canopy Rivers CEO participates in Benzinga cannabis industry conference

Canopy Rivers CEO participates in Benzinga cannabis industry conference

The cannabis company talks about cannabis as an investment opportunity during the event

For the 2020 edition of the Benzinga Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference, several experts from the cannabis industry shared their knowledge with attendees during multiple discussion panels. The Benzinga Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference is a premier event that brings together the best talent in the cannabis space to promote the growth of the industry in multiple areas. One of the speakers sharing relevant information at this conference was the president and CEO of Canopy Rivers Inc., Narbé Alexandrian, who spoke during one of the discussion panels about picking out good investment opportunities within the industry.

Alexandrian was one of the panelists in the “Stop Chasing & Start Attracting the Right VCs” event. Other executives who were part of the discussion were Roderick Stephan, founding partner at Altitude Investment Management, Douglas Hannah, managing director at Silver Leaf and Matthew Norgren, CEO, and founder at ARCADIAN Fund and CNBC’s trader and market strategist Tim Seymour was the moderator.

Alexandrian’s participation focused on the analysis that a company does on another venture to consider it a good opportunity for investment. “We look for a specialization within the market companies that are really focused on what they’re doing very, very well,” stated Alexandrian, adding that they help them “patch into the inputs and outputs depending on where they are in the value chain.”

For Alexandrian, the practice of vertical integration “doesn’t work,” and his opinion was backed up by Hannah, who said that it can become a “two-sided sword,” given the fact that companies that are too vertically integrated have become “too distracted” to manage business diversification. He added, “We really have an aligned interest to grow the valuation of the company” they are putting money in.

Canopy Rivers is a venture capital firm specializing in investing and helping other companies in the sector to build something valuable across the cannabis value chain. The company has a wide portfolio of companies in all areas, such as cultivation, processing and finished products, helping companies to create devices and tools for better management.