Canopy Rivers subsidiary approved for participation in new cannabis research program

Canopy Rivers subsidiary approved for participation in new cannabis research program

The global cannabis company has been greenlighted to lead an important study in New Zealand

Canopy Rivers Inc. isn’t content with just bringing cannabis products to market; it wants to explore new ways to make them better. With innovation being key to company growth, it announced today that it will launch a new research project for cannabis growth that has never been seen. Through the New Zealand-based BioLumic Ltd. company, it will explore how best to use ultraviolet (UV) light technology for cannabis crops.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has given the green light for the project, which will explore how to increase yields in cannabis crops. The technology has already been used by BioLumic for other crops, such as strawberries, which have seen improved growth of up to 60%. However, this is the first time that the BioLumic technology has been approved for use on cannabis. The company expects to determine how beneficial the UV technology can be to increase production to stay on top of demand.

The program will be conducted by BioLumic and Canopy Rivers subsidiary James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation (JWC) and New Zealand’s Helius Therapeutics, a medical cannabis company. Trials are expected to be conducted in New Zealand and Canada beginning this June.

According to Canopy Rivers President and CEO Narbé Alexandrian, “The partnership between BioLumic and JWC is another sign of strong collaboration in the Canopy Rivers ecosystem. We expect that BioLumic’s expertise in non-cannabis agriculture technology will help cannabis cultivators like JWC produce high-yield, sustainable strains that meet consumer demands and patient needs.”

The UV light technology not only increases yields, but has also been found to improve protection against disease and pest attacks. Through short bursts of exposure to seeds and seedlings, cannabis can be made stronger and less prone to drought and disease.

Adds BioLumic’s chief science officer, Jason Wargent, “Working with Canopy Rivers has opened the door for us to expand into cannabis, and that starts with the application of our technology to the cannabis plant. From accessing capital to bring on new staff in science and AI, to introductions to companies such as JWC, we believe our ongoing relationship with Canopy Rivers is a catalyst for building the industry’s understanding of how to improve the way cannabis is grown.”

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