Canopy Rivers to participate in the GCI Europe Virtual Summit

Canopy Rivers to participate in the GCI Europe Virtual Summit

The cannabis-focused company hopes to promote industry growth at this November’s conference

As the cannabis industry finds development across the globe, more dedicated events to promote growth of every sector are drawing more and better collaborations. The 2020 GCI Europe Virtual Summit brings together the global cannabis community from all areas, and it has announced this year’s online edition in a two-day event on November 11-12. This event will include the presence of Narbe Alexandrian, the president and CEO of Canopy Rivers, one of the leading cannabis ventures in the North American region.

The format of this summit allows participants to book video meetings with collaborators and the most accomplished leaders. This event covers the most essential topics in today’s industry, such as medical cannabis and cannabis-derived treatments, investment and winning business strategies, research and applied science and brands. In addition, there is always a space to talk about current regulations affecting the European market and the viability of making international deals. Europe presents itself as a great market for the US and Canadian industry to expand given that several countries so far already have some kind of cannabis legislation, and with a lot of potential to grow even more.

Canopy Rivers has participation in the European market. As the company is dedicated to investing in new opportunities across the cannabis value chain, it already made a couple of investments in European companies. Alexandrian will be speaking further about the current approach the company is taking towards reviewing pitches and what calls their attention to make the decision to invest in a cannabis business in particular.

This international event creates an opportunity to take advantage of a free and valuable experience through the participation in the many talks and networking events that will be available. This summit is a great opportunity to learn more about topics such as consumer goods, international markets and psychedelic therapeutic compounds.

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