Canopy Rivers to participate in upcoming CIBC Annual Eastern Institutional Investor Conference

Canopy Rivers to participate in upcoming CIBC Annual Eastern Institutional Investor Conference

The conference focuses on hot targets for investors, with cannabis being among the leaders

The 19th Annual Eastern Institutional Investor Conference will take place this year in a virtual arena in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The dates for this summit are September 16-17, and this year’s event will include participation by Canopy Rivers. The cannabis venture company has an established portfolio of diversified investments across different categories within the cannabis supply chain, such as licensed production, processing, pharmaceutical formulation, brand development, and Canopy will be on hand to discuss the changing investment space with the best institutional investors and management teams from the top Canadian companies.

This conference allows attendees to get knowledge and the best business advice from multiple investors and corporate conferences. It connects different industries through the participation of senior executives of major public and private companies and several top-ranked industry analysts who will engage in more in-depth discussions. The conference has gained a good reputation among related businesses and, besides the discussion panels, it will also offer opportunities to book one-on-one meetings with senior executives this year. The idea is to bring the investor community together so industries can gain knowledge coming from other sectors and that can be applied to their own companies.

Further details of the event’s agenda will be shared in the upcoming days, but regarding Canopy River’s participation, its CEO, Narbe Alexandrian, will be present for the discussion panels. Canopy’s portfolio of companies brings product, segment, geographic and investment structure diversification, making it an ideal candidate to be included in the panel. The company’s goal is to secure investments in all segments of the cannabis value chain as well as closing new partnerships with expert management teams in the industry who are already successful to learn from it. These investments take the form of royalties, secured debt, newly formed joint ventures and a variety of equity and equity-linked instruments. Canopy has investments in leading companies such as TerrAscend Corp, PharmHouse and Civilized.

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