Cansativa cannabis supply deal in Germany to feature products supplied by Aurora Cannabis

Cansativa cannabis supply deal in Germany to feature products supplied by Aurora Cannabis

The large pharmaceutical company has secured a four-year agreement in the country

A cannabis venture has closed a contract with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) to oversee the distribution, logistics and general services involved in the wholesale of cannabis flower coming from German cultivation. Cansativa GmbH, on behalf of the agency, will be the company deciding the future of the cannabis grown in German territory and distribute it to pharmacies, including all processes in between, such as storage, commissioning and outgoing logistics. This new deal also means that Cansativa will be in charge of the central distribution of cannabis flowers grown by leading companies like Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB), Aphria and Demecan in Germany.

The contract was signed with a duration of four years in which a total volume of 10.4 tons of cannabis flower were approved. For the past two years, Cansativa has been importing and distributing cannabis to multiple pharmacies in the German market, which is the largest and fastest-growing market for medical cannabis in Europe. The company’s portfolio includes some of the best products coming from main manufacturers like Aurora, Bedrocan, Tweed and Tilray. During that time, Cansativa has developed into a place for wholesale buyers to get their products from one single source.

“We are pleased to be able to use the experience we have gained from our previous business activities for the BfArM now as well. With our comprehensive product portfolio, we will act nationally and internationally as an independent wholesale partner and aim to further professionalise the market. Our goal is to strengthen Cansativa as a central platform for the purchase and distribution of medical cannabis,” explained Benedikt Sons, co-founder and CEO of Cansativa.

Cansativa has been considered for a while one of the pioneer companies in the cannabis industry specialized in the supply of medical cannabis. It holds a GMP certification and a wholesale license to trade in control substances.