Charlotte’s Web Holdings adds new distribution support through Hanson Faso deal

Charlotte’s Web Holdings adds new distribution support through Hanson Faso deal

The leading CBD company is calling in a consumer goods heavyweight to expand its reach

A marketing strategy has a ripple effect. Once a brand starts marketing to its target audience, the foundation of its business is formed. The sales team will build on a solid foundation and have the right tools to help convert leads throughout the sales funnel. Charlotte’s Web Holdings understands that the cannabis industry is very competitive, which is why it has reached out to Hanson Faso Sales and Marketing Inc. to form a strategic partnership.

The market leader in full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) products has joined forces with Hanson Faso, a leading firm in the sales and marketing of specialty, natural, confectionery and perishable foods. Hanson Faso is highly regarded for having access to a large number of retail customers in different product categories. Through this partnership, both parties seek to significantly increase the number of vendors representing Charlotte’s Web products in the retail trade.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hanson Faso’s role will be based on becoming the company’s marketing and sales team, working closely with various distributors and direct retail sales in the central US. The leading cannabis company’s premium product line will begin to be marketed by this new strategic partner.

As time has passed, Hanson Faso has scaled up to become an integral part of the supply chain process between customers and manufacturers. Hanson Faso not only handles order processing but also provides enough business data analytics to give sales an even greater boost.

“Hanson Faso is one of the most respected and agile sales and marketing teams of premier brands in the country,” said Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web. “Coupling their well-established relationships and proprietary data analytics, we will propel our retail marketing and distribution effectively and efficiently in midwestern and southern states where consumers are looking for wider access to premium CBD products. These regions make up a meaningful portion of the CBD market and growth potential, supporting our overall channel expansion growth strategy.”

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