Charlotte’s Web Holdings agrees to exclusive distribution deal with UK cannabis firm

Charlotte’s Web Holdings agrees to exclusive distribution deal with UK cannabis firm

Charlotte’s Web expands its ongoing relationship with Savage Cabbage

Exclusive distribution is a commercial agreement between a producer and a distributor that states that the former will sell its products only to the latter if the latter agrees not to sell competing products. One such agreement has been signed between Charlotte’s Web Holdings, the market leader in cannabidiol (CBD) hemp extract, and Savage Cabbage, one of the longest-running and most trusted CBD companies in the UK.

Since 2016, Savage Cabbage, which caters to an extensive list of customers seeking wellness through CBD, has been the official UK distributor of Charlotte’s Web CBD. Savage Cabbage. According to the recently formalized new deal, it will continue to handle the sale of a large portfolio of Charlotte’s Web whole-plant spectrum products. Through its extensive network and contacts in the UK, Savage Cabbage will look to expand Charlotte’s Web’s presence as the Novel Foods regulatory framework moves forward.

Having a primary focus on the eCommerce space, the new partnership will make it a priority to expand Charlotte’s Web’s footprint in the various retail distribution channels and on the high street. The move seems to be quite necessary at a time when the number of retailers beginning to include CBD products on their shelves continues to grow.

Savage Cabbage founder and CEO Jade Proudman has long been grateful to Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for saving her life. She has since become a notable voice in the CBD community in the UK and Europe at large.

“We are pleased to extend our relationship with exclusivity for one of our long-standing international partners. As the #1 selling CBD brand in the US, the UK is one of the most exciting international CBD markets and we look forward to building our presence here,” added Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web.