Charlotte’s Web Holdings announces date for next Annual General Meeting

Charlotte’s Web Holdings announces date for next Annual General Meeting

Shareholders can mark their calendars for September 3 for the next big meeting

One of the leading companies in the cannabis market dedicated to hemp-extracted cannabidiol (CBD) products has released the date for its annual general and special meeting with shareholders. Charlotte’s Web Hemp (CNQ: CWEB announced last week that the date for the meeting was set for September and, given the situation in the country still struggling with rising cases of coronavirus, the meeting will be held virtually in order to protect the health and safety of the shareholders and other people involved.

Charlotte’s Web’s shareholders will be able to access the meeting using a live audio webcast. The intention of this virtual event is to review the current blanket relief provided by the Canadian Securities Administrators and how the company can rely on this to postpone the filing if its executive compensation disclosure. This filing is required under the securities law and what Charlotte’s Web pretends is to delay the filing until after the 2020 annual general meeting takes place this September. The company will also release further details about the specifics of the meeting, which will be included in the management information circular. Anyone can access the document as the date of the meeting gets closer, and it will be available on SEDAR’s website.

Charlotte’s Web is the company that gave life to the CBD industry, and since then, it has been specializing in hemp-derived CBD products for wellness, even for pets. It was founded by Stanley Brothers with the intention of bringing the medicinal power found in CBD to people and unleashing the health benefits of the plant through compassion and science. Charlotte’s Web offers premium hemp genetics, which is used to manufacture the products. The products that are extracted from the hemp plant, besides CBD, are terpenes and flavonoids that are used to create several presentations, including tinctures, topicals, capsules and more.

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