Charlotte’s Web Holdings’ CBDMEDIC brand becomes a sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation

Charlotte’s Web Holdings’ CBDMEDIC brand becomes a sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation

The brand is now an official Impact Sponsor of the national arthritis group

One of the many benefits that have already been identified in the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) is the ability to fight pain naturally. It has become a globally accepted alternative to conventional pain treatments, and has an added benefit of being able to reduce muscle and joint inflammation. In part because of these inherent traits, CBD is gaining support for treating arthritis, and Charlotte’s Web Hemp (CNQ: CWEB, one of the leading CBD companies in the US, is giving the compound a boost. CBDMEDIC, part of the Charlotte’s Web family, has been designated an Impact Sponsor by the Arthritis Foundation.

The partnership will remain in place for the next two years, and CBDMEDIC has become the “first and only CBD brand sold in the Food Mass Drug channel” to receive this designation, according to a press release. While there is still no cure for arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation continues to help individuals overcome the debilitating disease, and the recognition of CBDMEDIC shows its place in providing relief.

Says Charlotte’s Web CEO Deanie Elsner, “We’re honored to soon raise visibility of our sponsorship of the Arthritis Foundation through our Impact Sponsor designation and mark in conjunction with CBDMEDIC™ products and to join other sponsors of this vitally important nonprofit to boost awareness of the many resources the Foundation offers to millions of individuals seeking relief. We will also share the many resources and support available from the Arthritis Foundation through our own social media and email channels and our ‘Searching for Answers’ free educational webinars to raise awareness across the country.”

CBDMEDIC is found through Charlotte’s Web’s online retail platform, as well as in 4,500 retail stores across the US. Prepared as ointments or creams, the brand’s products are able to provide targeted benefits where patients need it the most, giving instant relief to sore muscles and joints while improving blood flow. Ann McNamara, the senior VP of development and community for the Arthritis Foundation, adds, “People living with arthritis depend on us for guidance and support to improve their everyday lives. We are grateful to CBDMEDIC for being an Impact Sponsor. Their support will spark new solutions to relieving arthritis pain and related challenges. We appreciate their commitment to the arthritis community.”

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