Charlotte’s Web Holding’s CBDMEDIC brand partners with US Women’s Soccer star

Charlotte’s Web Holding’s CBDMEDIC brand partners with US Women’s Soccer star

The brand has partnered with Carli Lloyd to promote CBD’s health benefits

When soccer star Carli Lloyd suffered a knee injury that forced her to have surgery last year, she turned to cannabidiol (CBD) to aid in her recovery. The results were more significant than imagined and she realized that she needed to make sure the positive impact of cannabis had on her. She has become an advocate for its use since then and has now teamed up with Charlotte’s Web Holdings and its CBDMEDIC brand to take her message to a larger audience, praising the benefits hemp-based products CBDMEDIC had on her ability to get back on the field.

Charlotte’s Web announced via a press release yesterday that Lloyd is now a partner of CBDMEDIC. The Women’s Soccer and Olympic athlete began using the company’s topical products to treat her sore muscles and aid in recovery, relying on the brand’s Active Sport pain relief ointment, arthritis and pain relief creams and more. All of the products are high in CBD content and have no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), making them safe, effective alternatives.

“Taking care of and listening to our bodies is extremely important, especially when it comes to pain relief,” said Lloyd. “As a result of my personal experience with CBD products, I want to help other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to continue to push towards their goals, no matter their age or ability.”

The Olympic Summer Games are expected to be held starting next month in Tokyo, Japan and will mark a significant change for athletes. These will be the first Olympic Games held since the World Anti-Doping Agency reversed its stance on CBD, now clearing it to be used by athletes. THC, however, is still banned.

“Carli Lloyd is a role model as a gold medal–winning Olympian and a dynamic leader in women’s soccer who pushes her performance each year. We believe in Carli and support her advocacy efforts in raising awareness of the benefits of CBD to provide relief for those suffering from pain,” said Deanie Elsner, CEO and president of Charlotte’s Web. “We are thrilled to see Carli thrive on and off the field and knowing that our products have helped her to continue doing what she loves.”