Charlotte’s Web Holdings expands sales reach in the UK

Charlotte’s Web Holdings expands sales reach in the UK

The hemp and CBD company becomes the first to receive approval from the UK’s FSA

The market leader in full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), Charlotte’s Web Holdings, has just achieved a historic milestone by becoming one of the first firms to receive Novel Food approval from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) for its full-spectrum hemp extracts in the European country. Until now, many UK consumers have been able to obtain isolated CBD products so they may not be aware of the potential benefits of the full-spectrum CBD entourage offered by this company.

It is important to note that this move adds Charlotte’s Web to the list of FSA products that can be marketed in the UK. Companies that are not included in this list are prohibited from selling their products. At least 8,000 applications were submitted and it appears that Charlotte’s Web was one of the few to achieve this validation. In addition, it is one of the few companies on this list whose headquarters are based in the US.

“This milestone gives Charlotte’s Web and full-spectrum CBD a legitimate presence within the UK market,” said Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web. “We can now expand in the UK and commence discussions with large retailers who have been waiting for access to full-spectrum products from our patented hemp cultivars.”

Novel foods get to become ingredients that have never before been consumed (or at least for a long time) by the UK or EU population. This includes CBD and other derivatives of the hemp plant. Before they can be included in the list of novel foods and begin the marketing process, the ingestible must receive the green light from the FSA.

The FSA is the central competent authority for food safety. It has been the entity in charge for more than a year of authorizing the validation to legally sell ingestible CBD products such as oils, gummies, and capsules.