Charlotte’s Web Holdings gets a new patent for improved hemp products

Charlotte’s Web Holdings gets a new patent for improved hemp products

The leading cannabis company continues to secure its long-term future in the space

The cannabis venture specialized in cannabidiol (CBD) products, and one of the most trusted hemp-derived extract, has announced that it has earned a new patent. Charlotte’s Web Hemp (CNQ: CWEB efforts and commitment to innovation and development of hemp genetics paid off with its second US patent for a new hemp variety. CW1AS1 was created by co-founder Joel Stanley and Senior Director of Cultivation R&D Bear Ree, and this patent puts a strong protection wall for the product created by Charlotte’s Web.

“This ‘CW1AS1’ patent gives Charlotte’s Web the highest level of protection for our proprietary genetics and ensures that Charlotte’s Web products will continue to be available to the thousands who use them in a form that is consistent and provides the same user experience time and time again,” said Deanie Elsner, Charlotte’s Web CEO and President, “This patent recognizes the progress our breeding program has made to assure our farmer partners that the plants they grow will yield better and have a high level of phytocannabinoids.”

The issuance of patents on hemp genetics is rather new – there aren’t many granted in this sector to date. Charlotte’s Web has been leading the hemp market with innovation and also remaining at the forefront of this new edge by investing in its breeding program. The company’s goal has always been to ensure farmers that they will have consistent production and a high-quality supply.

Besides being the largest vertically integrated hemp company, Charlotte’s Web was also the first CBD wellness product ever to be sold to consumers nationwide. Even before the company was created back in 2013, there was a waiting list of at least 15,000 individuals waiting to receive the Original Formula, which has the same phytochemical profiles that were used to create this new product that just earned a patent.

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