Charlotte’s Web Holdings introduces new cannabis products for our canine friends

Charlotte’s Web Holdings introduces new cannabis products for our canine friends

The hemp and CBD leader has launched a new alternative for dogs with sensitive skin

Many people, apart from worrying about their own well-being, also focus on the health of their canines. These faithful friends cannot take care of their various ailments on their own, so dog owners are always looking for the best alternatives to improve their health every time they have a downturn. It seems that one of these solutions has been implemented by Charlotte’s Web Holdings, a company that, apart from being considered a market leader in full-spectrum hemp extract products, is also aware of the care we must take for the health of our pets. The company announced the newest addition to its line of pet products: Charlotte’s Web Skin Health & Allergy Support Chew.

The product is especially for dogs that suffer from sensitive skin due primarily to seasonal allergies. Like many humans, dogs can also suffer from allergy seasons that simply do not allow them to have a good quality of life as they go through constant itching and skin sensitivity. Charlotte’s dog-loving web product development team seeks to make these problems a thing of the past. Through the company’s patented full-spectrum hemp extract, they created Skin Health & Allergy Support Chew to provide an effective tool for pet owners to support the skin health of their furry friends.

If you are worried about your dog not wanting to eat this product, there is nothing to worry about because the specialists made sure that they have chicken flavor and come in sizes of 30 and 60 units, in addition to not containing GMOs or cereals. According to Dr. Kwane Stewart, skin health concerns and allergies are the most common ailment he sees in his patients in the clinic and on the streets of Southern California. “As we continue to learn more about the science of allergies in our dogs, we are finding it often requires a multimodal approach – combining traditional and alternative therapies for the best outcome,” he added.

With the introduction of this product, pet owners will be able to improve the quality of life for many of the dogs that suffer from this condition for one reason or another. Many owners will not hesitate to take care of their faithful friends with this safe and effective innovation brought to them by Charlotte’s Web.