Charlotte’s Web Holdings issues statement on FDA’s hemp regulations stance

Charlotte’s Web Holdings issues statement on FDA’s hemp regulations stance

The cannabis company weighs in on the advances the government agency is making

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released certain regulations regarding cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp last week. Charlotte’s Web Holdings, being essentially focused on this product, issued a statement to address the issue. The market leader in hemp CBD extract wellness products was quick to speak out and expects the FDA to consider these comments.

According to the statement, the company says it is encouraged that the agency has finally agreed that Congress needs to get to work and act on the regulation of hemp-derived CBD. So far, the CBD industry has matured without a regulatory pathway, so the FDA’s stalled position is at least welcomed with open arms.

As is well known, such products are already available in all 50 states, and a large number of citizens have opted for their benefits to treat different symptoms effectively and safely. Now with the FDA backing a regulation that should have been in place years ago, Charlotte’s Web hopes to continue its work in Washington DC to further this process.

Like the FDA, the company believes it is of the utmost importance to conduct various tests to ensure the safety and quality of CBD products and has already provided some research to make that position clear. Charlotte’s Web is considered the CBD market leader, and it is precisely this that has led it to conduct numerous safety studies and collect toxicological data. There is no doubt that research such as this supports the efforts of a legal regulatory framework.

In the absence of a regulatory framework, the company has been forced to set the standard in responsible self-regulation in product manufacturing, safety, and labeling. However, with a regulatory stance from the FDA, the cannabis firm hopes to have alignments in place so that everyone involved in the marketplace can be on the same page.