Charlotte’s Web Holdings launches family grant program in honor of Charlotte Figi

Charlotte’s Web Holdings launches family grant program in honor of Charlotte Figi

The Colorado-based hemp and CBD leader continues to honor its namesake

The first week of this month represented an important historical moment for cannabidiol (CBD). It has been a decade since the seven Stanley brothers made various efforts to help launch the CBD industry in Colorado. As proclaimed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis in 2020, April 7 became the official date of “Charlotte Figi Day” in Colorado in commemoration of the famous girl’s passing. The news was further extended following the announcement by Charlotte’s Web Inc, the market leader in CBD products, which said it was introducing its “Charlotte Figi Family Grant Program” as an annual initiative to honor Figi’s historic legacy.

Figi was a child who was a longtime victim of intense seizures due to Davet’s syndrome. Her story became worldwide as her experience with CBD caused this cannabis compound to be seen in a new light, causing millions of people around the world to begin to turn their attention to it.

In order to take the effort to the next level, ten grants have been awarded to specifically celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Stanley brothers bringing their full-spectrum (high CBD, low THC) cannabis formula to Figi. This was made possible with the help of her pediatrician, who did not hesitate to give written permission.

The company will use Charlotte Figi Day to annually announce its family recipients and will increase the number of grants by one for each passing year. Centennial State-based Realm of Caring was the nonprofit organization charged with selecting the families based on their needs.

“We keep Charlotte’s heroic story illuminated while also supporting wellness and relief for those families most in need,” said Charlotte’s Web CEO Jacques Tortoroli. “Our founders were there at the beginning of 2012 with Charlotte and her family. Charlotte’s story stands for the true founding of not only our company but the entire hemp CBD industry. The Charlotte Figi Family Grant Program pays tribute to our namesake by giving to health-seeking families with qualified needs.”

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