Charlotte’s Web Holdings offers guidance on using cannabis to relieve pain

Charlotte’s Web Holdings offers guidance on using cannabis to relieve pain

The major hemp and CBD company leads the way for cannabis-based pain relief

When it comes to searching for pain relief, there are plenty of options available. However, many of the stronger options, such as opioids, carry significant side effects that make their use worse than the pain itself. Cannabis has been shown to be a natural pain reliever, without the horrible side effects, and Charlotte’s Web Holdings understands the benefits. The leading cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp provider has its roots in providing safe cannabis-based solutions for pain, and recently shared tips for how cannabis can be used to combat foot pain.

There are a number of causes of foot pain, from poorly-fitted shoes and prolonged standing to serious issues, such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis. However, there are a number of cannabis products available today that can help relieve all types of foot pain. For incessant pain or serious discomfort, it’s always better to visit a physician for a diagnosis before undergoing any treatment.

When it comes time to reduce or eliminate the pain, there are oils, creams and ointments made with CBD that can do the trick. One, such as Charlotte’s Web’s CBD Medic Foot & Ankle rub, was specifically formulated for foot pain and, per the company’s description, “penetrates a therapeutic effect and is designed to temporarily reduce pain in feet, toes, and ankles and deliver fast and effective relief.”

There is also the Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Stick offered by Charlotte’s Web. It combines hemp extract (minus the THC) with other moisturizers with 200mg of CBD and natural ingredients to produce an easy-to-use stick that can be rolled onto the problem area at any time. The company explains, “Our proprietary formulation is designed to reduce minor pain in feet, toes, and ankles to deliver fast and effective temporary relief.”

In addition to using products to relieve the pain, stretches and exercise are recommended, as well. Rolling a golf ball under the foot can help to reduce or eliminate the pain, as can stretches targeting the Achilles tendon.