Charlotte’s Web Holdings praises partners for charity work

Charlotte’s Web Holdings praises partners for charity work

The cannabis company shows appreciation for the work its nonprofit partners are providing

Charlotte’s Web Hemp has always had a different mindset than most when it comes to business, and its approach shows in the outstanding results the cannabis company continues to see. Apart from focusing on how to increase sales, it is dedicated to research and giving back to the communities it serves, and regularly works with nonprofit entities to reach that goal. Charlotte’s Web just showed its appreciation to four of its nonprofit partners, who will now be highlighted in separate documentaries.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, Charlotte’s Web has produced four short films, each one using an independent filmmaker to show how the company’s nonprofit partners have helped individuals overcome tragedy and illnesses. The four documentaries are included in a series called “Our Stories,” and are designed to emphasize the important role the partners have played in helping people lead productive lives while dealing with adversity.

Charlotte’s Web CEO Deanie Elsner says in an announcement about the documentaries, “Charlotte’s Web was founded with a mission to heal even before we became a business and we have a history of supporting nonprofit partners who also embrace a mission to heal. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage those who are able to do so to donate to our incredible nonprofit partners. And, do yourself a favor and watch each of these poignant documentary films to witness true heroes and their stories of resilience.”

The four nonprofit organizations selected for the series are Realm of Caring (RoC), High Fives Foundation, The Adaptive Training Foundation and DUG (Denver Urban Gardens). Each targets specific areas in which they concentrate their efforts, and continue to lead the way for improved lives for many individuals. The four documentaries are available on the company’s website.