Charlotte’s Web Holdings receives new ISO certification for its testing lab

Charlotte’s Web Holdings receives new ISO certification for its testing lab

Charlotte’s Web is the only ancillary cannabis company to receive the certification

An ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is a quality management system standard that focuses on all the elements of quality management that an organization must have in order to have an effective system to manage and improve its products and services. The cannabis industry is no stranger to all of these processes. A clear example of this is the continued success that Charlotte’s Web has achieved in recent times, including one of these certifications. The company’s recently obtained ISO 17025 certification is for meeting the technical and quality benchmarks required for analytical chemistry testing methods. This is specifically applied to its quality control testing laboratory.

This ISO establishes the general requirements for competence in performing tests or calibrations, including sampling. It covers tests and calibrations that are performed using standard methods, non-standard methods and in-house developed methods.

Receiving this type of certificate means that Charlotte’s Web’s work is recognized both nationally and internationally for valid test results at the highest level. News like this clearly makes confidence in their products that much higher, making consumers feel confident that they are getting premium quality.

“Our brand was built on the pillars of quality, consistency and integrity. This certification is another validator of these pillars. This level of testing oversight is typically reserved for companies that specialize in lab testing. It demonstrates how Charlotte’s Web is providing the best analytical testing to deliver the highest quality CBD consumer products,” said Jared Stanley, Chief Cultivation & Innovation Officer.

This ongoing commitment by the company is definitely relevant to consumers who are looking for wellness solutions beyond traditional medical channels. The facility is also a National Science Foundation (NSF) cGMP certified facility, further proof that consumers are getting consistent, effective, reliable and safe products.