Charlotte’s Web Holdings steps in to help fight the coronavirus

Charlotte’s Web Holdings steps in to help fight the coronavirus

The Colorado-based cannabis health company is doing what it can to keep COVID-19 from spreading

Now that most of the business world is on pause while authorities attempt to contain the spreading of COVID-19, more companies are weighing in with their contributions. Charlotte’s Web Hemp (CNQ: CWEB is one of those companies responding to the coronavirus pandemic and is offering information, as well as its high-quality hemp products in its full spectrum line.

Following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations, the company’s management has decided that all non-essential staff working from home, always committed to ensuring that consumers can access their products online as well as safe from a store. Additionally, Charlotte’s Web will ensure consumers have enough products by keeping open its Colorado-based facility, a fulfillment warehouse, lab and cultivation center.

Based on the company’s guidelines, its facility already works with the strictest cleanliness and safety; however, extra measures were taken. The frequency in which the full building is cleaned was increased, and the company is utilizing only disinfectants that are CDC-approved. Another sector that is having an extra disinfection step is the packing stations where orders are handled. On top of that, all staff wears gloves while packing orders inboxes.

In an effort to continue assisting the community amid the coronavirus pandemic, Charlotte’s Web is offering free shipping service to all its online customers until the end of March. The pop-up stores that were in place in Denver and Miami were both closed early than scheduled. The company also encourages people to opt for local shopping when possible. Several stores are open and integrating new guidelines to support much needed social distancing by establishing strict rules among its collaborators and visitors.

Besides that, Charlotte’s Web understands the scope of the impact that this world crisis can represent for the physical, mental, emotional and financial aspects of a person’s life. Through its Realm of Caring project, more options are being considered to support the families of its employees.