Charlotte’s Web Holdings teams up with New York university on CBD program

Charlotte’s Web Holdings teams up with New York university on CBD program

The hemp and CBD company forms a new partnership with the University at Buffalo for CBD research

Charlotte’s Web Hemp has always been more than just a company looking to increase its cannabis sales. The Colorado-based hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) company is dedicated to improving the entire cannabis industry and has undertaken a number of initiatives over the years to support that goal. Its latest comes through a new partnership it has established between its CW Labs science division and the University at Buffalo’s Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS). The goal of the latest program is to explore CBD and its use in therapy.

Charlotte’s Web is targeting CBD and the “optimal approaches to secure the safe use of cannabinoid-based products,” according to a company statement. The efforts will be directed from the CIGBS in New York, and will explore CBD sciences to determine the cannabis compound’s safe use as a supplement and for biomedical use. The statement indicates that the purpose of the program is to “identify optimal approaches to advance the safe use of cannabinoid-containing products and identify the gaps in current knowledge,” adding that it “will include the design and implementation of novel population-based clinical informatics analysis using large databases, pilot projects that facilitate better understanding of pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology, and drug interactions to develop safe approaches to cannabinoid therapy.”

Comprising the team will be experts from several fields, including Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, Dr. Jason Sprowl, Dr. Marvin Reid, Professor Thejani Delgoda, Professor Wendel Abel, and Professor Charles Maponga, among several others. Tim Orr, the Senior VP of Innovation at Charlotte’s Web, explains that the company “[realizes] the value of partnering” with the CIGBS, as multidisciplinary teams are poised to conduct “cutting edge research in new areas of implementation to expand the database of evidence that can guide future therapeutics development in the field. We are pleased to have established this working relationship with UB’s Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences and the opportunity that this new alliance creates.”

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