Charlotte’s Web Holdings turns its hemp farm into a work of art

Charlotte’s Web Holdings turns its hemp farm into a work of art

The CBD and hemp leader is expanding on its Trust The Earth campaign in a creative way

The leading company in the hemp-extracted cannabidiol (CBD) industry, Charlotte’s Web Hemp (CNQ: CWEB, just announced a 76-acre farm installation that is nothing short of a piece of art. As part of its “Trust The Earth” advocacy campaign that was launched in October 2019, the company has the goal to bring access to the healing power of hemp to more people. This initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One, and these efforts originated from the fact that, even though CBD became legal, each state has its right to regulate or ban hemp.

This piece of art is being showcased at a farm located in McPherson, Kansas. At the top, it has the call-to-action phrase of “Trust the Earth,” and the figure it forms is a hand holding a hemp stalk. This creation was done by one single farmer who mowed the land for one week with the help of a GPS device that was guiding the process. The crop art had three million square feet of farm mowed, the equivalent of 57 football fields. The final work of art is so big that it required the help of a local farmer’s plane to be high enough for the whole installation to fit in one single camera shot.

“This is about the market share leader bringing awareness to the forefront that we lack federal and state regulations,” said Charlotte’s Web CEO Deanie Elsner. “Charlotte’s Web finds breakthrough ways to drive awareness so that consumers can learn to drive positive change.”

The original artwork was designed by Studio Number One, a creative agency co-founded by artist Shepard Fairey, and the image displayed in this crop was previously showcased as a mural in Brooklyn in October 2019. “Whether it’s a mural in Brooklyn, a poster in your home, or a field in Kansas, Studio Number One understands the power of art to compel change. We worked with Charlotte’s Web to call on citizens to Trust the Earth,” said Shepard Fairey.

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