Charlotte’s Web Holdings working on securing significant certification

Charlotte’s Web Holdings working on securing significant certification

The company is close to receiving approval from NSF for its CBD products

The market leader in full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) extract products, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, continues to make significant moves in its operations to remain at the top of the industry. According to an announcement shared on August 11, the company unveiled plans to introduce a line of products that cater to the sports-related community. Before being launched to the market, the products are undergoing a certification process.

NSF for Sport certification will be provided by NSF, a third-party entity that regulators, manufacturers and consumers turn to for the development of public health standards and certification marks. Through this process, all parties involved are assured of protecting the world’s food, water, and consumer products.

Different Charlotte’s Web brands have been highly promoted and used by high-caliber athletes. In fact, thanks to the support that many athletes have given Charlotte’s Web CBD tinctures and gummies, the brand has become firmly established among many major leagues worldwide. Most recently, the company was named the official CBD partner of Angel City Football Club (ACFC).

A move like this marks a historic milestone for the cannabis firm in achieving its first partnership with a sports team. On the other hand, CBDMEDIC, owned by Charlotte’s Web, has an established partnership with retired professional soccer player Carli Lloyd.

Should the entire certification process go as planned, the launch of the new sports line is scheduled for later this year. Like many of the company’s other lines, these products come with undetectable amounts of THC. In addition, Charlotte’s Web uses an NSF-certified manufacturing facility.

“Focus, recovery, and sleep are critical areas of optimization for athletes that our sports products can support,” said Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web. “An NSF Certified for Sport line can assure sports leagues and their players that ingredients are safe and certify that there are no banned substances. We believe our products, upon meeting NSF certification, will make a positive impact on the lives of professional, amateur athletes, and fans alike.”