Charlotte’s Web picks up two new hemp-related patents

Charlotte’s Web picks up two new hemp-related patents

The Colorado-based hemp and CBD company cover new hemp seed hybrids

Charlotte’s Web Holdings continues to firm up its grip on the hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) industries. The Colorado-based company announced yesterday that it had received approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two new patents related to hemp seed hybrid solutions. The patents awarded for Lindorea and Kirsche are the first two US Utility Patents ever issued on feminized hybrid hemp plants.

With these two latest patents, Charlotte’s Web now has five patent grants in total – four are Utility Patents and one is a Plant Patent. Kirsche is described as having a “naturally rich phytochemical profile” and is resistant to disease. It also has an excellent flower-to stem ratio that makes it compatible with mechanical harvesting solutions. Lindorea, which was primarily designed for the climate in Kentucky, has a high resistance to fungal pathogens typically found in the North and South Appalachian areas and is also perfect for wetter fall climates often associated with Oregon.

Explains Bear Reel, Charlotte’s Web’s VP of Cultivation and R&D, as well as the developer of the new hybrids, “Achieving the first patented hemp hybrids demonstrates that it is possible to improve hemp through similar methods as other agronomic crops using natural breeding techniques. We believe that ‘Kirsche’ and ‘Lindorea’ are some of the hardiest botanical hemp varietals under cultivation.”

The new products have been introduced following four years of scientific research, as well as repeated trials. They also are the result of extensive genetics research in the hemp industry, which is one of the company’s specialties. Adds CEO Deanie Elsner, “Charlotte’s Web will continue to advance and protect our prized hemp varietals to build consumer confidence in the consistency of our hemp extract products. This is at the heart of our mission to advance the science of hemp for the greater benefit of the people who choose these products for their wellness needs.”