Charlotte’s Web sees harvest, potency improvements in 2019

Charlotte’s Web sees harvest, potency improvements in 2019

The Colorado-based hemp company reveals strong product improvements for last year

One of the leading industries in hemp-based products, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc., just completed an audit for the 2019 hemp harvest with outstanding results. This harvest is being used to create the company’s full-spectrum extracts, which are naturally high in cannabidiol (CBD). The 2019 harvest resulted in an increase in the plant’s yield by 10% and also produced higher CBD potency, which increased by 22%, based on year-to-year results.

“We are very pleased with the results of the 2019 harvest, achieving yield and potency levels that surpassed our expectations. This reflects the tremendous expertise we have gained in hemp cultivation over the last six years,” said CEO of Charlotte’s Web, Deanie Elsner. “More than half of our harvest was certified organic in 2019 with the remaining acres in transition. We are well on our way to becoming one of the largest providers of certified organic hemp CBD extract in the country.”

Charlotte’s Web hemp grows are located across Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky, strategically to tackle any possible crop risk. It is a vertically integrated company, controlling its own supply chain, therefore, ensuring great product quality. All the experience and proprietary knowledge the company has gained gives it an edge to compete against other competitors, bringing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

“Our genetics resulted in the highest biomass yield per acre in our history, with many acres producing well above 3,000 pounds of biomass (with fiber removed),” said Jared Stanley, Company Co-Founder and Chief Cultivation Officer. “Cultivating, harvesting and drying at scale for full spectrum extract products is an area where we’ve learned to excel, and our world-class horticulture division continues to cultivate new varieties of hemp that are cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene-rich.” Last year brought the development of two strains that exceeded potency expectations, “Lindorea” and “Kirsche.”