GNC Stores in 24 states will now carry Charlotte’s Web Holdings gummies

GNC Stores in 24 states will now carry Charlotte’s Web Holdings gummies

Charlotte’s Web scores a big sales deal with the nutritional product retail chain

If Charlotte’s Web gummies alone were already very famous and recognized in the community, now their level will be elevated after launching on the shelves of different GNC locations in 24 states. The market leader in full-spectrum hemp extract products announced yesterday a national distribution agreement with GNC, a leading specialty retailer of nutritional products with more than 2,000 locations nationwide. While initial shipments of six strains will be available for purchase at GNC retail stores in 24 states, its expansion is expected to gradually ramp up and become pandemic across the US.

Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte’s Web Holdings, has said that in order to continue consumer outreach efforts, it is necessary to rely to some extent on strong and congruent partnerships with retail partners who have demonstrated mass merchandising and have an established market in many parts of the country.

“GNC’s established retail footprint adds depth to our reach domestically and broadens consumer access to our high-quality hemp CBD products. We expect GNC will become one of our largest retail customers this year, and we are excited about the growth provided by bringing our two leading brands together,” Tortoroli added.

Charlotte’s Web Gummies are made from full-spectrum hemp extract from their proprietary hemp cultivars. In addition to containing the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), the gummies also come in vegan and non-GMO forms, making them more than a healthy product.

The company’s specialists claim that these gummies are being developed with high-quality formulations that use supreme hemp extract enhanced with functional herbs and botanical supplements. All of this combination comes together to further support the needs that a person’s well-being needs to remain intact. The six different strains, which, based on their name, are self-explanatory, include Charlotte’s Web DAILY WELLNESS, Charlotte’s Web SLEEP, Charlotte’s Web RECOVERY, Charlotte’s Web CALM, Charlotte’s Web IMMUNITY, and Charlotte’s Web THC-FREE.