Greenlane confirms focus on generating innovation in the cannabis space

Greenlane confirms focus on generating innovation in the cannabis space

The cannabis company is targeting 2023 as a year of significant achievement

When it comes to specialty vaporization products and premium cannabis accessories, there is no question that Greenlane Holdings has a leadership position. This company is relentlessly focused on continued growth and innovation, which is why it ensures that its priority has now been placed on its family of brands, partnerships, strategies and products so that the company’s success and growth will continue to be a reality in 2023.

The marijuana accessories industry has an undisputed leader, which is why Greenlane’s family of brands will continue to offer a wide range of products targeted to different customer demographics. These offerings range from value-driven accessories to luxury glass pieces and collaborations with renowned artists.

As of this year, the firm has patented 23 private label launches, including DaVinci, Eyce, Marley Natural and K.Haring by Higher Standards. There is no doubt that 2023 is looking pretty good for the operator.

Groove is the company’s newest private label. Still, it has moved quickly to launch a dozen new products that provide consumers with simple, functional, and reliable ancillary products at an affordable price. In addition to Groove, Greenlane has also announced plans for CHAMPS in Las Vegas to fill its shelves with additional products starting tomorrow.

Its market distribution has recently been consolidated after Greenlane expanded its global reach with strategic partners in Canada, Argentina, Latin America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Through these deals, the company has the opportunity to reach consumers globally without the need to establish operations in the locations.

“We believe we have a strong and healthy trajectory toward continued success in 2023,” said Craig Snyder, CEO of Greenlane. “We continue to be proud of the innovative products coming out of Greenlane and look forward to our ongoing development of products that we know consumers are looking for. By implementing our strategy through innovation, along with the creating and building of new and continued partnerships, we are creating a path of scalable, leverageable, and durable brands.”