Greenlane enters new cannabis partnership with Wild Green Canada

Greenlane enters new cannabis partnership with Wild Green Canada

The cannabis company is expanding its reach through a new B2B deal

With the goal of increasing and optimizing business-to-business (B2B) accessibility, Greenlane Holding, one of the world’s largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, has announced a strategic partnership with Wild Green Canada, a division of its parent company, House of Horvath Inc. In addition, the firm hopes to increase its product reach in Canada through this new joining of forces.

Greenlane has maintained a focus on accelerating its growth and path to profitability. The partnership with Wild Green certainly aligns with those objectives. Through its outside sales force, B2B website, and experienced leadership team, the alliance will expand Greenlane’s product reach to a vast number of retail stores across the North American country.

As a result, the company will ultimately be able to increase its growth and visibility iCanada. With over 45 years of experience in the Canadian tobacco industry, Wild Green Canada looks to become a key player for Greenlane’s purposes. With the benefit of this experience, Wild Green Canada intends to expand its portfolio into the legal marijuana market.

“We are excited about Greenlane’s partnership with Wild Green Canada to help streamline B2B orders and increase our reach into new markets,” states Craig Snyder, President of Greenlane. “Their warehouse capabilities and sales experience and tools will help put our premium cannabis accessories into the hands of more businesses and consumers.”

Cathy O’Shea, President of House of Horvath Inc. says the team is excited to begin working closely with Greenlane through the Wild Green Canada division. O’Shea is clear that the company’s wide and outstanding selection of marijuana accessories will become a valuable addition to House of Horvath. She and her team hope to have the resources necessary to become a Canadian distribution network capable of putting those accessories on the shelves of hundreds of Canadian cannabis retailers, serving both legacy customers and new clientele.

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