Greenlane has a new cannabis distribution channel with AUXO

Greenlane has a new cannabis distribution channel with AUXO

The cannabis MSO continues to expand access to consumer marijuana products

Distributors are strategic allies that your product can have to reach your final consumer in the right way and can be found in all the desired points of sale. These companies are in charge of buying goods or services to market them at different points of sale. Greenlane, with a focus on expanding its customer footprint even further, recently announced a distribution partnership with AUXO.

Greenlane is known for being one of the world’s largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, child-resistant packaging, and specialty vaporization products. For its leadership team, maintaining that position is no easy task. That’s why the company continues to form strategic alliances to get its products into the hands of more consumers.

AUXO seems to have everything Greenlane looks for in a distributor. AUXO is the first consumer-focused product line backed by CCELL’s patented technology. Premium dry herb vaporizers, concentrates, and dual-use vaporizers are among the products announced in the AUXO catalog.

“Greenlane’s strategic partnership to distribute the consumer-facing AUXO brand is another example of how we are implementing our business strategy to focus on both high-margin house brands and strategic partnerships,” said Craig Snyder, President of Greenlane. “We are excited about this new line of innovative vaporization products and believe it will contribute toward Greenlane’s growth and success.”

For his part, Brad Li, the global CMO of CCELL and AUXO, says this joining of forces enables the company to expand SMOORE’s portfolio of consumer-oriented brands into new and existing channels. He is clear that the partnership will bring more synergy to CCELL’s B2B efforts and is seen as a great opportunity for future growth to deliver exceptional value to consumers.