Greenlane Holdings sells packaging arm to eBottles

Greenlane Holdings sells packaging arm to eBottles

The cannabis company offloads a segment of its operations for an unspecified amount

eBottles is known for being the world’s leading supplier for the development and distribution of premium marijuana packaging. Its child-resistant rigid containers for the legal industry have become quite popular today. In order to expand further into the market, the company has recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Greenlane Holdings’ concentrate packaging product line.

eBottles operates as a developer, designer, marketer and distributor of patented child-resistant packaging tailored to the needs of the vast number of consumers in the legal marijuana market. While its five strategically located warehouses in major cannabis markets appear to be sufficient to meet the high demand, the company believes that Greenlane has the operations in place to excel even further.

“Today’s announcement secures our position as the market leader and expands our product offering to include the popular Pollen Gear ‘LoPro’ and Kush ‘Ecliptic’ concentrate jars and closures,” said Robert Lerman, founder and CEO of eBottles. “It gives us great pleasure to continue to provide the great packages that Pollen Gear and Kush Supply have developed and to be able to offer these products along with our own line of patented concentrate jars. Together with our unrivaled variety of concentrate jar styles, eBottles now offers the most extensive line of concentrate packaging solutions for our customers to choose from.”

eBottles said it plans to stock jars in opal, clear and black glass, along with an inventory of decorated versions. In black and white colors, rounded and flat caps will be available with aluminum or PTFE coatings.

There will be a buyer base that will be able to purchase closures with customized embossed or unembossed logos at no extra charge. These options include water transfer printing, metalizing, screen printing and hot stamping, along with new multi-color digital printing with 3D capability.