Greenlane introduces new house brand to target consumers

Greenlane introduces new house brand to target consumers

Groove promises to offer cannabis products at affordable prices

Greenlane Holdings’ portfolio of brands continues to expand even further. The world’s leading seller of premium cannabis accessories and specialty vaporization products has announced the launch of Groove, the latest to join this growing family of brands. Consumers loyal to Greenlane products will now be able to find many more options at dispensaries near them, a goal the company has been setting for some time now.

Through the new Groove brand, plant lovers will be able to find functional, simple and reliable marijuana ancillary products at an extremely affordable price. Greenlane’s goal is to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, high-value essentials.

This latest addition to Greenlane’s large brand base is part of the company’s strategy to accelerate profitability and growth. Groove products are expertly created, developed and tested for every consumer’s everyday life. This group of specialists made sure to design a product capable of meeting the quality and price competitive standards in the market.

Groove’s product line is extremely varied, ranging from silicone and glass pipes to dab pens, vaporizer batteries, grinders, butane torches, bubblers and rigs. The company signs a roadmap of innovative items being prepared for release in the future.

“With the creation of Groove as a Greenlane brand, we are implementing new initiatives that align with our strategy to grow scalable, leverageable, and sustainably owned brands that solidify the company as the leading family of brands in the ancillary cannabis industry,” said Craig Snyder, President of Greenlane. “These internally designed and marketed Groove products are developed to address scalable segments of the marketplace in a value-driven way.”

Charles Hoch, Greenlane SVP of Product, says the team is extremely proud to bring more innovative products into the hands of consumers. He indicated that this is a great representation of Greenlane’s ability to leverage its deep portfolio of more than 200 intellectual property items.

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