Greenlane is introducing a new online shopping experience for wholesalers

Greenlane is introducing a new online shopping experience for wholesalers

The cannabis MSO is leading innovation in the market to help it expand

Many operators in the cannabis industry are constantly looking for the path to innovation and Greenlane Holdings is clearly no exception. The company, considered one of the world’s largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, has recently announced a streamlined experience for wholesale buyers visiting Providing a better experience is the company’s major goal, considering that its customer base has remained quite solid over the past few years.

Customers now accessing the new site will be able to get thousands of products 24 hours a day. In addition to Greenlane’s own brands such as Higher Standards, DaVinci Vaporizers and K. Haring, users will be able to browse through dozens of offerings from third-party brands, such as Grenco Science, Storz & Bickel and VIBES.

Greenlane has been focusing on a growth strategy for the past few months and the creation of this website is a clear key initiative aligned with it. It is undoubtedly a move that will help to increase both profitability and sales, as well as improve the scalability and efficiency of the business. On the other hand, the customer will also benefit by getting an improved platform with a user-friendly design that allows them to interact with Greenlane’s services at their convenience.

Now that any customer has easy access to this website, they will have more convenience and control, including the ability to quickly access online purchase history, submit orders and reorders, receive notifications when items are back in stock, and view real-time shipping rates. It’s an innovative way that any fan of the brand will no doubt appreciate.

“Greenlane is proud of the efforts put forth to bring this website and new customer shopping experience to reality,” said Craig Snyder, president of Greenlane. “Providing customers control of their experience allows them to interact with our catalog and products at their convenience to give them a more efficient and enhanced process. Greenlane looks forward to continuing to provide the highest-quality customer service, and this B2B website is another example of our commitment to our customers and their continued success.”