Greenlane is making changes at the top as it transitions the company’s business model

Greenlane is making changes at the top as it transitions the company’s business model

The cannabis industry is changing, and Greenlane is changing with it

On many occasions, when the performance of an organization is not the best or when it is going through a transition process, one of the main measures to be considered is to carry out an organizational change. This refers to a strategy that is developed with the central objective of making a change.

This need arises from the organization’s intention to improve performance at the administrative, social and technical levels. Greenlane Holdings pursues this objective as it makes various transitions in its business model.

Among the exciting changes in the management team of one of the world’s largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories, Craig Snyder comes to the fore. The firm’s current president will step down from that role to subsequently take the helm as CEO beginning next year.

Nick Kovacevich will now take on the role of head of corporate development. He is Greenlane’s current CEO, but his change of position does not mean that he will not continue to support the company’s key corporate development initiatives. In addition, it has been made clear that Kovacevich will remain on Greenlane’s board of directors after the transition to his new role.

“I am humbled and honored to take the helm of Greenlane in 2023 as we pursue our transition to a consumer brands company,” explained Craig Snyder, Greenlane’s President and future CEO. “I see a unique opportunity as a first mover in this exciting global cannabis space to apply traditional CPG and technology practices to build a scalable and leverageable business model that will allow Greenlane to capitalize on the growth opportunities ahead for our industry.”

The company has additionally announced that it is exploring the opportunity to make certain changes to the current board of directors. The Board’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is reportedly considering potential candidates to provide oversight and guidance as the company continues to pursue its business transformation process.

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