Greenlane is making leadership changes as it looks to improve profitability

Greenlane is making leadership changes as it looks to improve profitability

The cannabis company is tweaking its operations to stay ahead of the changing industry

With a change of leadership, many companies seek to reduce the negative impact of the transformation, whatever its nature, and accelerate the process. And, therefore, reach the destination and success sooner. This is the main benefit of implementing a leadership change, but there are other advantages that perhaps Greenlane Holdings has in mind. The leader in premium cannabis accessories and specialty vaporizer products has announced that the position of chief financial and legal officer has been given to Lana Reeve.

With more than 25 years of experience in senior legal and financial positions in companies of all types, Reeve appears to be a safe bet for Greenlane and its specific goals through that department. Reeve has an impressive track record, with her most recent positions being legal chair of Authentys and SVP of legal M&A at RealPage.

Reeve says she is incredibly excited to become part of the Greenlane family, especially as the company continues on its growth trajectory. She is confident that she can become a key player in all of the company’s planned expansion processes, making 2023 and the years to come more than successful.

She added, “By drawing on my experience leading successful legal and finance teams, I am thrilled to support Greenlane’s future growth plans through the renewed focus on strong financial and legal strategy and practices.” Reeve’s extensive experience is not limited to simply leading strong legal and finance organizations.

She also has vast knowledge of how to successfully refine debt obligations and lead successful charges of multiple industry-changing laws. In addition, her background includes experience managing multiple successful mergers and acquisitions with a strong focus on strategy and integration planning.