Greenlane is taking its cannabis products to Puerto Rico

Greenlane is taking its cannabis products to Puerto Rico

The cannabis MSO is growing beyond the continental borders

Puerto Rico seems to be becoming a haven for many American companies, and the cannabis industry is no exception. One of those that wants to dive into this country is Greenlane Holdings, one of the world’s largest sellers of premium cannabis accessories. The company recently announced that it has signed a three-year distribution agreement with GreenDirect. The idea behind the partnership is to distribute Greenlane’s portfolio of private-label brands in Puerto Rico.

The terms of the agreement confirm that Greenlane has opened the door for GreenDirect to obtain the exclusive right to market, promote, sell and distribute Greenlane’s brands for an initial three-year term. As a result, retailers in the Caribbean country will be able to resell the products to all Puerto Ricans. The agreement has also made it clear that GreenDirect obtains the non-exclusive right to sell certain products of associated brands.

Craig Snyder, the president of Greenlane, says that this alliance brings a great level of excitement to the team as it gives them the opportunity to grow in conjunction with the Puerto Rican market. Snyder assures that the company remains focused on premium accessories and specialized vaporization and that gives it the experience to offer its products efficiently and broadly to emerging markets worldwide.

“Our partnership with GreenDirect, who knows the ins and outs of the local market, enables us to provide our products without the necessity of building our own operations in this market,” added Snyder. “This partnership represents Greenlane’s strategy to scale our brands in this region now and into the future.

For his part, Genaro Ramos, COO of GreenDirect, assures that the company is a full-fledged advocate, and that makes the passion for the marijuana industry a driving force. “We at GreenDirect are extremely proud to partner with Greenlane to work towards leaving a positive and larger footprint in the Puerto Rican market,” he added.