KushCo a favorite of musician Sean Paul

KushCo a favorite of musician Sean Paul

The Jamaican reggae artist highlights KushCo for its outstanding cannabis products

Gearing up for a summer that promises to be on another level, Jamaica’s Sean Paul has released his 8th album called Scorcha, making his debut on Island Records. Paul also understands the value of cannabis. He recently said in an interview that KushCo and its brands are on the list of favorites when it comes to consuming marijuana.

Paul recently earned a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for his seventh studio effort, Live N Livin, which was released beginning in 2022. The album, in addition to being a celebration of his Jamaican heritage and dancehall roots, comes to the delight of many who enjoy cannabis culture.

The 16-track album sees the global icon put forward his classic catchy sound that finds its ultimate expression on Dynamite and Calling on Me. “We don’t need to divide our fans to get a presence on the airwaves or on the streams,” said Sean. “I hold this album close to my heart because it shows the effort to collaborate over confrontation.”

The album includes among the lead tracks “Light My Fire,” featuring Gwen Stefani and Shenseea, an unexpected combination that is a clear indication of the Kingston singer’s supreme ability to produce worldwide hits. His ability to showcase his strength and unity in music through various collaborations, across many genres, has brought his name to the top of the world charts many times.

Indeed, Paul has applied concepts to his own genre and has collaborated with some of his reggae and dancehall colleagues, highlighting that together they can also make good music. Having been born in Jamaica, Paul witnessed the illicit side of cannabis within his own family from an early age.

Today, licensed dealers are commonplace. On the legal side, Paul stated the typical dispensary marijuana “tastes like cardboard.” That’s why he is very selective about the dispensaries he goes to, including Lemonnade, a Cookies dispensary brand.

“So, what me a smoke ‘pon?” Paul asked with a huge grin as he rubbed his hands together. “Everything from a version of what Lemonnade gave me. Big up Steve Lobell. As well as KushCo. and all of dem people. They treat me good around here. Me and dem try to develop a strain.”



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