KushCo announces partnership with social injustice campaign Project Mission Green

KushCo announces partnership with social injustice campaign Project Mission Green

The group was established to provide relief to those who have suffered from the war on drugs

KushCo announced a couple of days ago that it had teamed up with The Weldon Project to assist the latter with a very important initiative. Weldon is behind Project Mission Green, a program that was created to assist those who have been, or are, in jail for cannabis-related offenses. The goal of Mission Green is to raise awareness of the injustices of these types of arrests, and KushCo is now going to lend part of its resources to helping that cause.

Going forward, Kushco is going to donate up to 50% of the sales of certain products to Mission Green. In addition, the two will work on marketing and awareness programs, as well as implement other initiatives that have impacted those who have fallen victim to the failed war on drugs. KushCo’s involvement is the latest in a long-running effort to reverse social injustice and help communities who have been wrongly targeted.

Nick Kovacevich, KushCo’s co-founder, CEO and Chairman, explains, “We have always made it a priority to support our community, industry, and people, knowing full well that there is a tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done to rectify the social injustices that have destroyed the lives of many. We immediately were drawn and hurt by Weldon’s tragic story of serving 13 years in prison for a low-level, first-time cannabis-related offense. But more than that, we knew that we could make a meaningful and lasting difference to right these wrongs, starting by supporting Mission Green’s unique purpose and team, which is made up of people who have been personally impacted by the justice system and have lived through the issues that came with it. We will not stop in this endeavor until we can ensure the safe release of many more vulnerable, at-risk incarcerated individuals from prison, and we are proud to have Mission Green as our partner in this essential cause.”

The Weldon Project’s President, Weldon Angelos, adds, “While cannabis legalization has provided an opportunity for many to enrich themselves, those reaping the profits from the legal industry cannot forget those who have paid the ultimate price and whose suffering enabled them to be successful. KushCo is one of the few companies in our industry that truly understands that, and has never hesitated to support the cause, starting from the industry’s early days up until now. Given their stellar reputation for quality, breadth of products, and a deep and loyal customer network, we realized early on that KushCo is the ideal partner for Mission Green. More importantly, it has been obvious to us during this entire process, starting with KushCo’s first involvement with REEForm, that the people there, from the leadership on down, are truly committed to working towards clemency and criminal justice reform. It’s personal to them in the same way it’s personal to us, and we are thrilled to join forces, especially at this critical time where more new states are legalizing medical and/or adult recreational use cannabis, leaving many victims of the War on Drugs severely disadvantaged.”