KushCo announces renewal of established partnership with ABSTRAX

KushCo announces renewal of established partnership with ABSTRAX

The two companies provide customer-tailored terpene solutions to consumers

California-based KushCo Holdings has already established itself as one of the forerunners in the global cannabis industry, but isn’t slowing down. As expanded legislation is expected in the US, as well as other parts of the world, the company continues to seek out new ways to provide consumers with the products they need. One of these solutions has been through a partnership with Abstrax Tech, which specializes in cannabis and botanically-derived terpenes. The relationship between the two entities has been so successful that KushCo is keeping it going, signing a new agreement with its partner.

Abstrax not only produces terpenes, but also leads the way in research and development of the solutions. In renewing the partnership, according to a company announcement, KushCo will continue to purchase Abstrax products at discount prices and will also receive 100% gross-margin commissions on any referrals it sends to its partner. Abstrax, on the other hand, will give KushCo customers “hyper-customized” products and free custom terpene profiles.

Says KushCo CEO Nick Kovacevich, “With the continued lack of state and federal government regulations around the inhalation of terpenes, KushCo will not purchase, sell, store, or distribute terpenes. Nonetheless, we want to offer our valued customers special access to what we consider to be world-class terpenes from a provider staunchly devoted to safety, superior manufacturing standards, and 100% product purity. Over the years, ABSTRAX has continued to innovate and expand its impressive catalog. With expertise in customized blends, ABSTRAX will provide incremental value and “budding”-edge technology for our customers, who place their trust in KushCo to provide the highest quality, custom-tailored vape, packaging, and energy products.”

Abstrax has a team of award-winning scientists who understand cannabis strains and the technology needed to extract them to produce high-quality aromatics and flavors. Those solutions are used in pre-roll papers, cones and wraps, all infused with terpenes and all available to KushCo customers. Adds Abstrax CEO Max Koby, “We are fully devoted to the study, production, and perfection of botanical and cannabis-derived functional flavors, aromas, and terpenes. As we continue to uncover new compounds in our Type 7 licensed laboratory, we are developing products that give our customers a competitive edge in their product offering.

Through superior technology and data that better educates consumers on the intended flavor and effects of our terpenes, brands can now deliver a targeted, repeatable and consistent product experience to their end user. KushCo has been instrumental in bolstering our reputation and reach within the legal cannabis and CBD industries as a trusted referral partner. With this renewed partnership, we look forward to offering more customers – and by extension more end consumers – a taste of our unique terpene innovations.”