KushCo has become a veteran in the cannabis industry

KushCo has become a veteran in the cannabis industry

After a decade, KushCo is an experienced player in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry has prevailed for quite some years now, and part of this long process has been accompanied by KushCo, one of the pioneers in the legal cannabis space. This leading provider of ancillary services and products for the legal cannabis and CBD industries can now easily be considered a veteran with vast years of experience that not just any company can claim to have.

The company is essentially recognized for providing exceptional customer service, compliance knowledge, product quality, and a local presence in servicing its large and diverse customer base. One of its main focuses is to help its entire customer base achieve their desired success through solutions and products that are unmatched in the marketplace, such as state-of-the-art vaporizer technology and fully customizable, child-resistant, and compliant packaging solutions.

Founded in 2010, its more than a decade in existence has served the company well as it continues to grow and grow, accounting for sales of more than one billion units and regularly servicing legally operated recreational and medical processors, growers, and producers in North America, South America, and Europe.

One of the great advantages of this company is that it has been able to position itself in the best cannabis and CBD markets throughout the United States, making its revenues skyrocket ever higher. It also has extensive relationships with companies that are increasingly gaining a presence in the industry.

The company’s management prides itself on maintaining an understanding of the unique and complex regulations in each legal cannabis market. Based on the knowledge gained, KushCo has managed to stay at the forefront of compliant packaging and high-quality products in the cannabis space.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on aligning deeper with-and cross-selling more to-the large and creditworthy MSOs, LPs, and leading brands, who appear more poised than ever to reap the lion’s share of the benefits from the industry’s next stage of expansion,” said Nick Kovacevich, CEO, co-founder and chairman of KushCo.