KushCo helps deliver 100,000 to children across the US

KushCo helps deliver 100,000 to children across the US

The cannabis company partners with Mascot Books to inspire children to read

KushCo is helping increase literacy in the US. The cannabis company has announced that it is partnering with Mascot Books on an initiative to collect and distribute over 100,000 books to children across the country. The effort is part of Mascot’s Children in the Community Book Drive and is part of KushCo’s strategy to continuously support local communities everywhere.

KushCo launched its KushCares community support initiative to provide resources to the communities it serves, as well as to help empower its employees. The program has already had a major impact on different communities, energizing the company to expand its initiatives and offer more solutions. KushCo Chief People Officer Rhianna Barr said in a statement that the company is honored by what it has been able to provide to different companies and that it looks forward to doing more in the future.

KushCo will distribute the books with the assistance of Newport News Ship Building, Solo Recipients and other entities. The books will be delivered to various groups around the US, including Kids Need To Read, Maryland Book Bank, Reach Reads, Share Our Spares and more. Mascot is making the books available through its publishing services.

Barr adds, “We are so grateful to all of our donors and recipients for taking part in this incredible initiative to help children across the country gain access to much-needed books, especially at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has been straining our national and local educational system. At KushCo, we make it a priority to not only help the company and its immediate stakeholders, but just as importantly, to help the community at large through various philanthropic and social justice initiatives. What started out as a modest corporate book drive organized by several of our employees has transformed into a multi-organizational mission to deliver books to the people and communities that need them most-reminding all of us that big change often starts small.”

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