KushCo initiatives focus on creating better communities

KushCo initiatives focus on creating better communities

The cannabis company is in a league of its own in its corporate responsibility

KushCo, in addition to being a leading cannabis company recognized for its great achievements in the industry as a whole, is known for always giving back in large part to the surrounding community. The company leverages its large profits month after month in order to serve as a pillar towards helping distinguished non-profit organizations and positive corporate actions. These initiatives have been of great help to many of those communities that are in need, especially at this time of year.

KushCo, as a founding event sponsor, partnered with Mission Green in an effort to immediately address the disparities and injustices in the countless cannabis-related sentences and the collateral consequences of cannabis arrests and convictions. In addition, following the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is clear that many healthcare entities found it difficult to operate, which is why it donated more than 450,000 nitrile gloves for personal protection to local hospitals and front-line workers.

KushCo’s staff is also of great importance to the company, which is why senior management decided to provide them with a paid day off for last year’s election day, so that everyone would be free to exercise their right to vote and watch over the future of the country. Additionally, two additional days were given for each employee to have the opportunity to champion the philanthropic efforts of their choice, totaling more than 3,500 hours committed by employees to give back to their communities.

KushCo also served as the sponsor of the Leaders Build Challenge fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, where the team came together to help build several different affordable homes. Management and the entire team are also concerned about animal welfare, so they sponsored and participated in the Washington Weed Golf Classic. With the proceeds, donations were made to the Noah Center WA in an effort to stop the euthanasia of pets.