KushCo to participate in upcoming 33rd annual ROTH Conference

KushCo to participate in upcoming 33rd annual ROTH Conference

The annual conference pulls together leaders from a number of industries, including cannabis

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the world, most likely permanently. The global fiasco left no industry untouched and has forced a number of businesses to completely change their operational model. As all companies try to figure out the next steps to aid in the recovery process, one of the largest and most important conferences is going to provide valuable insight. The annual ROTH Conference will be held soon, and cannabis company KushCo is going to be involved.

This is going to be the 33rd installment of the annual conference, which is put together to address issues in a variety of growth sectors. It has become a primary event for those in Business Services, Health and Wellness, Sustainability and more, and is attended by institutional investors, private equity investors, VCs, company executives and services providers, as well as others working in the small- and mid-cap space.

KushCo’s involvement comes as the cannabis industry is undergoing a massive metamorphosis across the globe. This is one of the most crucial times for the segment as countries like Mexico enter the legal cannabis space and others, like the US, are potentially gearing up for major legislative changes. KushCo, as a premier provider of ancillary products and services to the legal cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol) industries, is poised to be able to provide its operations to the global market, and attending the ROTH Conference will allow it an opportunity to interact with some of the most important figures in the global commercial industry.

The ROTH Conference will be held from March 15 to 17, following a virtual format that has become commonplace due to COVID-19. There will be 1-on-1 and group meetings, as well as analyst-led fireside chats and industry panels. It is expected that the executive management from around 400 private and public companies will be in attendance.

On April 7, Roth will also hold a separate conference just for the cannabis industry. The Roth Virtual Golden Cannabis Day will include 1-on-1 and small group meetings for industry insiders, providing a useful forum to dedicate time to the sensitive nature of cannabis progress on a global scale.