Liberty Health Sciences agrees to licensing deal with VCC Brands

Liberty Health Sciences agrees to licensing deal with VCC Brands

The leading cannabis distribution company has made several huge product expansions this week

Florida’s medical marijuana patients are getting a new line of cannabis edibles that will be brought by one of the leading operators in the state, Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS. The company announced a new licensing deal with VCC Brands, also known as Venice Cookie Company, a US-based manufacturer and distributor of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis-infused drinks and edibles. VCC’s line of edibles and drinks will be available at Liberty Health’s network of dispensaries as soon as the state’s Department of Health (DOH) and the Florida Department of Agriculture give their final approval.

“We continue to look for great companies and partners, and we are thrilled to enter into this licensing agreement with VCC Brands so we can provide our customers with these one-of-a-kind award-winning products,” noted Liberty Health CEO Victor Mancebo. VCC Brands has been on the market since 2008, and its products are leaders in the industry thanks to their quality and innovation. Liberty plans on taking VCC’s cookies, pretzels, lozenges, beverages, teas and tinctures to its 26 retail locations across the Sunshine State. Among the most popular brands are Venice Cookie Company, Cannabis Quencher, Subtle Tea, and One Tincture. Mancebo added that he is “excited” about bringing these products to Florida.

Liberty Health continues to expand its market reach now by adding more products to its growing number of stores. Just a couple of months ago, in July, Liberty Health opened its most recent dispensary located on the Duval County coast on Jacksonville Beach. “From gummies to beverages to baked goods and chocolate, VCC Brands makes cannabis health and wellness easy to drink and eat safely,” stated VCC’s founder and CEO, Kenny Morrison. The already booming medical marijuana market in Florida is slated to experience another wave of growth now that the DOH has permitted the sale of edibles – under certain rules.

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