Liberty Health Sciences brings HONEY products to Florida

Liberty Health Sciences brings HONEY products to Florida

The cannabis company continues moving forward with its 2020 expansion plans

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) announced late last week a new agreement with a licensed California company, HONEY, one of California’s largest full-service companies. Through this licensing agreement, HONEY will supply all Liberty’s dispensaries with the full assortment of the company’s medicinal and adult-use marijuana branded products. Honey is a renowned brand that was famous for becoming the first producer in the globe – back in 2012 – to ever commercialize distilled cannabis oil in vape cartridges.

Now, Honey is the supplier of several products for the cannabis industry, such as full-spectrum oil in vape cartridges, applicators and caps to several legal dispensaries, as well as other delivery services. “We are excited to partner with HONEY, a longstanding pioneer and premium brand in the cannabis space,” said Victor Mancebo, CEO of Liberty. “Adding HONEY to our portfolio of brands creates an immediate distinction between other competitors in the space and reinforces our product offering strategy to provide variety, quality, and price versatility in all of the products we market.”

The oil used to fill tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) HONEY cartridges is free of fillers and it was tested in the lab to ensure it has 75% of cannabinoids, more or less. These devices come with great benefits and they can be set up to deliver a precise dose of cannabinoids with every use. “We are very excited to be partnering with Liberty to introduce our HONEY products to the Florida medicinal cannabis market as we started in the California medical market nearly a decade ago,” said the CEO of HONEY, Peter Tejera. “We look forward to growing our in-dispensary presence in Florida and this partnership will provide Floridian consumers with a superior choice of high quality, predictable, and consistent product experience second to none.”

Liberty’s medical marijuana patients can order their vaping products online at the company’s online store for in-store pick-up or set up a delivery.

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