Liberty Health Sciences can now dispense flower in Florida

Liberty Health Sciences can now dispense flower in Florida

The Florida Department of Health signs off on the company’s plans

According to a company press release from yesterday, Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) has been given approval by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to sell whole flower smokables to cannabis patients in Florida. With approval, Liberty becomes one of the first cannabis companies in the state to be able to offer smokable medical marijuana in its dispensaries. Liberty is now working to receive approval for pre-rolled cannabis to the state’s medical marijuana patients.

Florida recently approved Senate Bill 182 (SB 182), which authorized smokable marijuana for medical patients. The law was signed by the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, last week, and revoked a ban on smokable medical marijuana that had been on the books for the past several years.

According to Victor E. Mancebo, interim CEO for Liberty, “This is truly a historic moment not only for Liberty Health Sciences but for the State of Florida. Receiving DOH approval – the same week that Governor DeSantis signed SB 182 allowing patients registered under the Department of Health to smoke medical marijuana – is monumental for Liberty and its ability to offer patients an additional medicinal option. Patients in Florida have been eager for this bill to pass as there is a fundamental need for this medicine in all of its forms.”

The new law is consistent with Liberty’s expansion strategy in the state. Mancebo adds, “We are excited to provide flower-derived products to our patients as we continue to educate the Florida community on the benefits of medicinal cannabis and how the DOH has provided safety measures to properly dispense medicinal cannabis-related products.”

Flowers are the most popular way to consume cannabis, as they require little processing. Other states that have authorized the use of flower in their medical marijuana programs have seen an increase in patients.

Liberty now operates 12 dispensaries throughout Florida. It has operations in Dania Beach, Miami, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Tampa (Hyde Park), Winter Haven, Merritt Island, North Miami, Port St. Lucie, Summerfield, Orange Park and Gainesville.