Liberty Health Sciences has a new dispensary in Hollywood, FL

Liberty Health Sciences has a new dispensary in Hollywood, FL

There are now 38 Liberty Health-branded cannabis stores in Florida

The arrival of new dispensaries across the US has been a growing trend as legalization continues and more companies decide to expand their operations. On many occasions, these dispensaries are not simply establishments for marijuana lovers to go and buy their products but are places where you can live a unique and exclusive experience. Ayr Wellness recently announced the opening of a new dispensary in Hollywood, Florida, the first one in the city, in order to continue satisfying these needs and to continue expanding its name in different parts of the country, especially Florida.

This leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator has always been at the forefront of being considered a big name in the industry and what better way to do that than with a dispensary in a key location. The opening of Liberty Health Sciences Hollywood was announced late last week and is the Company’s 38th dispensary to open in the Sunshine State. It is expected to please many enthusiasts and they will be able to start enjoying the quality that characterizes this great company. The dispensary is located at 2119-A Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL, with over 3,300 square feet ready to open its doors to all those loyal consumers of the marijuana plant.

This will be the first dispensary to be shown in this city, which has a population of more than 150,000 people. It is undoubtedly a very hot spot as it has many attractions around it that clearly attract many tourists. Among the highlights is the beautiful beach that houses the Hollywood Beach boardwalk, various stores and restaurants, and of course, the ArtsPark at Young Circle.

This dispensary brings a wide range of floral products, in addition to the company’s recently launched Origyn concentrates and Big Pete’s Cookies. “We continue to execute our Florida plan, opening dispensaries in prime locations such as the underserved Hollywood community. We are enhancing our cultivation efforts to become the largest cultivator of high-quality cannabis in the state and our updated product offerings,” said Jonathan Sandelman, CEO of Ayr.

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