Liberty Health Sciences introduces new product line

Liberty Health Sciences introduces new product line

“Pretty Pistil” products are coming, as well as a new house brand

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) is bringing a new line of products to its dispensaries in Florida. It still needs for the Florida Department of Health to sign off on the arrangement, but the company is looking at offering a new house cannabidiol (CBD) brand, Zentient, to the stores, as well as “Pretty Pistil,” which will replace all of the company’s Solei-branded products.

Zentient is a line of balanced products, including topicals, oral solutions and vapes, that contain both CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are made using a proprietary formula of quality cannabinoids and Liberty interim CEO Victor Mancebo explains, “Zentient will replace all of the Aphria and Liberty Health Science branded products moving forward. We feel that Zentient clearly defines the product line that our patients desire – those who are seeking out creative pursuits, relaxation and pain relief.”

Zentient will also include a wide variety of products through a partnership between Liberty and the Werc Shop that use the latter’s one-of-a-kind terpene blends. These products will give Liberty the ability to provide “superior, standardized and consistent medical cannabis products to the Florida market,” according to a press release. Assisting with the rollout, Liberty will include “Zen” areas in its dispensaries that offer indoor gardens and meditation and yoga classes.

Mancebo adds, “We are extremely excited to introduce these new brands to our patients who have been eager for us to expand our product offerings. This is the initial step in providing our patients with additional, quality products they have been requesting. The Zentient brand represents the space and Zen vibe that we would like our patients to always feel while using our products and visiting our dispensaries. Pretty Pistil is a powerful brand that brings a beautifully balanced approach to high-quality cannabis experiences for those with sophisticated tastes and a rebellious spirit. We are delighted to provide our patients with these myriad offerings as they continue to evolve and better understand their personal preferences.”