Liberty Health Sciences launches new product line

Liberty Health Sciences launches new product line

New personal and portable devices are going to be offered in the company’s dispensaries

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) continues to bring new cannabis products to market as it looks to answer consumers’ calls for more offerings. The latest to be added is the G Pen product line, personal and portable devices offered by Grenco Science that will incorporate Liberty’s Werc Shop terpene blend. The products should start to be seen on Liberty Health’s dispensary shelves within the next two weeks.

Grenco Science makes the G Pen Gio, Pro, Connect, Elite and Nova and has a strong history of making innovative cannabis vaporizers. The G Pen was introduced in 2012 and quickly became a favorite, thanks to its portability and usability with cannabis concentrates. The company’s founder and CEO, Chris Folkerts, said in a statement, “Grenco Science is pleased to announce its partnership with Liberty Health Sciences, a leader in Florida’s vertically integrated market. We look forward to bringing the G Pen product line to all of Liberty’s stores and offering greater accessibility to Florida’s medical cannabis consumers.”

Liberty Health offers eight-branded product lines at its dispensaries, including its own, as well as Zentient, Pretty Pistil, Papa’s Herb, Mary’s Medicinal, PAX, Werc Shop, Lemon and Grass. As the company receives approval from the Florida Department of Health, an additional nine products currently being worked on will be added, as well.

Liberty Health interim CEO Victor Mancebo adds in the statement, “In relation to our ongoing transformation, Liberty is excited to introduce G Pen’s line of world-class cannabis vaporizers to our patients who have grown to trust and love the access we offer to the best brands in any category. Grenco Science has set the standard for excellence with their user-friendly portable vaporizers.”

The cannabis company has a strong presence in Florida, where it already has 19 dispensaries in operation. It also has its own cannabis research and cultivation facility in the state, and continues to be one of the strongest supporters of Florida’s medical cannabis programs.

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