Liberty Health Sciences now has 45 dispensaries in Florida

Liberty Health Sciences now has 45 dispensaries in Florida

Ayr Wellness continues to spread the Liberty Health name across the Sunshine State

Ayr Wellness, through its successful Liberty Health Sciences (LHS) brand, has been nothing but a news generator every month, creating headlines that make it clear that its expansion strategies have been incredible, especially when it comes to a market as attractive to marijuana as Florida. The leading vertically integrated US multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) announced yesterday the opening of its 45th dispensary in the Sunshine State, located in South Tampa.

Jon Sandelman, founder, president and CEO of Ayr, says he is quite proud to see how the Florida team continues to do whatever it takes to thoughtfully expand the company’s presence throughout the state. All of this has been possible while still managing high-quality standards in the locations that continue to be secured and the new stores that are still under construction.

“Combined with recent improvements in selection in our stores – Origyn Extracts, Secret Orchard Sun Gems and fruit-forward vapes, Big Pete’s Cookies, and enhanced flower offerings – we feel better than ever about customer experience throughout our 45-store Florida footprint. We still have more to do to realize our full potential, but we’re very excited about the progress so far,” he added.

According to the recent news release, the newest dispensary has more than 3,000 square feet of space. It is within a strategic location of a premier shopping center on Kennedy Boulevard, a busy street in the area’s commercial district surrounded by restaurants and shopping areas. The new store will have a total of nine retail locations available, all stocked with Ayr’s full line of edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, gummies and a selection of Ayr’s high-quality flowers, including whole flowers and pre-rolls.

Exactly one year ago, Ayr made the smart decision to purchase Florida-based LHS. At that time, the package already included more than 30 dispensaries, but the company has been adding more and more as time has gone on.